Drop a 3D file in the mesh2mesh window or click ‘Open…’ to select one. You will be guided through the conversion process.

Please be aware that the conversion of large and/or textual (ASCII) data sets can take a while. mesh2mesh will either complete the conversion or display an error, and not just ‘hang’.

External Files

Some 3D-File formats store material information or textures in external files. As a sandboxed application, mesh2mesh asks you to grant access to these files.
If you do not need materials or textures in the converted file or the target format does not support materials and textures, you can generally safely skip this step and continue without granting access.

If the target format supports textures and mesh2mesh detects broken references to external texture files, it will offer to relink these.

Supported Formats

mesh2mesh reads from and converts to the formats listed below. Please keep in mind that formats differ about supported features - some may not support materials, textures, or multiple meshes per file. mesh2mesh does its best to preserve features as well as possible.

.bim dotbim
.dae Collada Digital Asset Exchange
.obj Wavefront OBJ Format
.ply Stanford Triangle Format (reading: ASCII + Binary, writing: ASCII)
.scn SceneKit Archive
.stl Standard Triangle Language (ASCII)
.usd Universal Scene Description (Binary)
.usda Universal Scene Description (ASCII)
.usdz Universal Scene Description Package
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Requires macOS 12.3 or later and a Mac with Intel- or Apple Silicon-CPU.